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Sustainability Star Award: Nikis and the Can on Erasmus

Acest material face parte din competiția Sustainability Star Award, Categoria II: Sustenabilitatea Aluminiului și Reciclarea

Autor: Papandreou Irini

Chapter 1: Departure from Athens - The Enigmatic Call

In the hallowed halls of Athens, Nikis, a curious Greek-Romanian student, embarked

on an Erasmus odyssey, his trusted Coca-Cola can by his side. Adorned with a hastily drawn

map of Europe, the can, unbeknownst to both, bore witness to the enigmatic whispers of an

adventure laden with mysteries. As Nikis journeyed into the unknown, the can, now a silent

accomplice, awaited the revelation of the profound secrets concealed within the heart of


Chapter 2: London - Academic Labyrinths and Sustainable Echoes

Arriving in the labyrinthine streets of London, Nikis and his Coca-Cola can delved into

the academic mysteries of the city. From the venerable halls of learning to the vibrant streets

of Camden Market, the can, now adorned with sustainable symbols, echoed with the whispers of environmental responsibility. As Nikis explored, he wondered if the mystery of Erasmus was intertwined with the sustainable footprints left behind by countless students seeking knowledge and understanding.

Chapter 3: Munich - Traditions Unveiled, Sustainability Discovered

Their quest led them to the heart of Bavaria, where Munich's traditions revealed

themselves against a backdrop of eco-conscious practices. The Coca-Cola can, now a canvas

of alpine scenes, absorbed the city's commitment to sustainability. Nikis, exploring green

initiatives amidst the cultural richness of the city, pondered whether the mystery of Erasmus

was, in essence, an amalgamation of academic traditions and an unwavering dedication to

sustainable living.

Chapter 4: Basel - Festive Mysteries and Sustainable Joy

As winter embraced Basel, Nikis and his Coca-Cola can ventured into the enchanting

Christmas market. The can, adorned with a recycled ribbon, mirrored the city's commitment to sustainable festivities. Amidst the twinkling lights and the aroma of seasonal treats, Nikis

sensed that perhaps the mystery of Erasmus lay not just in the pursuit of knowledge but in the celebration of cultural traditions with a sustainable conscience. Also, here the can gained a new friend… His name was Wolfgang, the Swiss can.

Chapter 5: Monaco - Opulence and the Hidden Path to Sustainability

In the opulent enclave of Monaco, Nikis pondered the mysteries concealed within the

blend of luxury and knowledge. The Coca-Cola can, gleaming with sophistication, discovered the principality's efforts toward sustainability. Nikss, amidst the grandeur, contemplated whether the allure of Erasmus lay not just in academic pursuits but in the convergence of knowledge and a shared responsibility for a sustainable world.

Chapter 7: The Book Fest of Gaudeamus in Bucharest - A Literary Interlude

After the revelations in Athens, Nikis and his Coca-Cola can found themselves drawn

to the cultural heart of Bucharest, where the annual Gaudeamus Book Fair unfolded. The can, now adorned with literary quotes and symbols, became a subtle ode to the fusion of knowledge and sustainability.

Amidst the bustling book stalls and the aroma of freshly printed pages, Nikis contemplated the role of literature in unraveling the mysteries of Erasmus and sustainability. The Coca-Cola can, sporting bookmarks made from recycled materials, echoed the theme of sustainable exploration.

As Nikis attended lectures, met authors, and immersed himself in the literary atmosphere, he wondered if the pages of the books held the answers to the mysteries he sought. The can, now a literary artifact, seemed to suggest that the pursuit of knowledge and sustainability was not confined to classrooms and cityscapes but also resided within the pages of shared stories and collective wisdom.

Chapter 8: Interlude in Bucharest - Sustainable Musings

Taking a break from the Erasmus journey, Nikis and the Coca-Cola can explored

Bucharest's parks and eco-friendly initiatives. The can, now embellished with sketches of green spaces, reflected the symbiosis between urban life and sustainable practices. Nikis, surrounded by the whispers of nature within the city, contemplated whether the mystery of Erasmus also unfolded in the quiet moments of reflection and appreciation for the environment.

Returning to Athens, Nikis and his Coca-Cola can stood at the precipice of revelation.

The can, now a testament to the odyssey, reflected the journey's dual mysteries—Erasmus and sustainability. Nikis, surrounded by the ancient echoes of his home, realized that the secret of Erasmus was a tapestry woven with threads of academic exploration and a commitment to sustainable choices. The can, battered but resilient, became a symbol of the enduring quest for knowledge and a sustainable future that lingered in the heart of every Erasmus journey.

I really don’t know what happened to the can; it has changed. Maybe it matured through

the responsibilities it undertook. Perhaps it gained more wisdom from the experiences it had

while traveling with Nikis. Who knows?

Maybe change is sustainable... And not leaving things, people and cans behind is


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